Zed Film

Zed Film

Saeed, a 30-year-old man, is one of the security forces of the Islamic Republic Party. After being wounded, in the story of Tehran University on March 14, 1959, he went to the hospital and there he met his old love Bita who left him two years ago and…

Director: Amir Abbas RabieiĀ  – Author: Hossein Tarabnejad

Genre: Drama, Political – Producer: Mohammad Reza Shafi’i

Danlod Va Tamasha

Amir Abbas Rabiei is one of the directors of the young generation who started his career in cinema by making short films. The movie “Personal Clothes”, which was first shown at the 38th Fajr Festival, was also nominated for the best director of the first film, but Corona did not allow it to be released to the public.

The movie “Zed” is a political drama that deals with the events of the 60s. In fact, political events are portrayed through a romantic story. The script was written by Hossein Tarabnejad and its story starts from the winter of 1959 and continues until the hot summer of 1960.

Cinematography director: Hashim Moradi Make-up artist: Morteza Kohzadi Set designer: Mohammad Reza Shojaei Costume designer: Mohammad Reza Shojaei Editor: Mehdi Saadi Sound operator: Ali Adalatdoost

By excavating the contemporary history, he wants to present a new reading of the political activities of the parties and the armed phase of the powers and the difficult conditions of that era.

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