Moghiman Nakoja Film

Moghiman Nakoja Film

A young man suddenly enters a guest house; It is not known where the strange guest house is, but the more he reflects on the coordinates of the guest house, the more it becomes clear that the young man is somewhere between life and death…

Director and writer: Shahab Hosseini

Producer: Shahab Hosseini – Genre: Drama, Mystery

Danlod Va Tamasha

The work is based on the play “Guesthouse of Two Worlds” written by Eric Emanuel Schmidt. There is an important point in the whole of this movie and that is the concern of the director

The concern that made Shahab Hosseini go to this particular theme is the analysis of life and death, which is considered the most important challenge of humanity. Paying attention to such a subject, which can basically be a stereotype, requires a certain courage.

Courage because Hosseini, with a correct understanding of Schmidt’s play, has been able to create a world that can be very mystical and philosophical. The purgatory where people are located so that their duty is determined.

Perhaps at first glance, the idea and its progression may be imagined as fantasy, but what makes the audience follow it in “Mogiman Nasara” is not the multiplicity of locations, nor the special events for the formation of the drama, but rather, we are dealing with a dialogue-oriented work.

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