Gonahe Ferreshte Ep 14

Gonahe Ferreshte Ep 14

Fire is not a bad thing, it burns the excess, something that remains will remain!

Director and writer: Hamed Angha

Producer: Hamed Angha – Genre: Drama – Family

Danlod Va Tamasha

Director of Cinematography: Morteza Poursamadi Cinematographer: Milad Tanid Editor: Maitham Moulai Set and Costume Designer: Aydin Zarif Sound Director: Vahid Douzandeh Production Manager: Afshin Qolipour Support Manager: Seyed Ali Eslami

Hamed Angha, as a writer, has always tried to write works in which the main pulse of the society flows.

Paying attention to the adventures and happenings of the day and his vigilance in representing the events of the day in society has made him a smart and opportunistic writer.

Basically, in all the works he wrote, in contrast to the blackness of the negative characters, he always has a correct and ideal human model to show the audience.

Like the old filmmaker of Iranian cinema Fereydoun Jirani, Anqa uses Hamed Tehrani as a hero who is present in the text of the drama.


  1. سلام. سایت را مدتی هست آپدیت نکردید منتظر قسمتهای بعدی سریال هستیم خیلی به سایتتون امیدوار بودیم تنها منبع سرگرمی واسم هست. لطفا آپدیت کنید

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