Baad Az Raftan

Baad Az Raftan

After leaving, it starts right after leaving. A departure as if it opens the head of a puss or blows in an underground fire and destroys everything and everyone.

Director and writer: Reza Nejati

Producer: Mahmoud Babaei – Genre: Drama, social

Danlod Va Tamasha

The film is about the wounds of three generations. Depressed families with sad backgrounds and people with soldier wounds. After leaving, the drama tries to resolve the deep family differences not with violence but with forgiveness and slowly

The version of accepting mistakes and apologizing prescribes and says that there are other ways to warm the heart of the family, even in the coldest emotional reservoirs.

The color palette of the film is full of depression and the framing and even some shots intensify this feeling. Repetition of empty chairs and busy people is very slogan and symbolic, and the viewer is considered very ignorant and careless in these scenes.

After leaving, he rides on the cloud saber game. The first character is sad, defeated, nervous, neglected and looking for answers. Abar is too bitter and may remind the viewer of the movie Manchester by the Sea.

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