The story of Shirhan, a boy who loves boxing, wants to become a boxing champion with the guidance and encouragement of his brother Mirhan. But one day something unfortunate happens to his brother, which costs Shirhan dearly

Genre: Drama, Sports – Director: Hossein Rigi

Author: Mehdi Tarabbeigi – Producer: Ali Ashtianipour

Danlod Va Tamasha

Righi considers the attention to authenticity and looking at the native region of his geographical area to be one of his main motivations for filmmaking, and in his second filmmaking experience, he has chosen a story that takes place entirely in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

Cinematography director: Shahram Najarian, editing: Sudaba Saeednia, sound recording director: Mahmoud Samakbashi, music: Fardin Khaltabari, deputy producer: Maryam Pirkari, production manager: Morteza Ashtianipour

Hossein Rigi, the director of the movie, wrote in a note for his film: “Hook is an illustration of Sistan and Baluchistan, the cradle of zealous people full of love and affection; Kind-hearted people who practice the profession of a warrior

Stage designer: Mehdi Saeedi, make-up designer: Morteza Kohzadi, sound design and composition: Amin Sharifi, costume designer: Neda Salimi

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