Tala and Ati are mother and daughter who have been living together for years. Years for Abji’s life means about 50 years, but this situation is not stable and the days of separation are coming. The remainder seeks security for the future. A future without his presence…

Director and writer: Marjan Ashrafizadeh

Producer: Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi – Genre: Drama

Danlod Va Tamasha

The film starts with a family gathering of Maman Tala and the neighbors and ends with the same group in a different space, so that we can witness the evolution of the characters in a circular path, whose life adventures and personal and family dramas have been narrated for nearly 90 minutes.

Production Manager: Behzad Hashemi Assistant Producer: Saeed Beigi Set Designer: Farhanaz Naderi Sound Operator: Ali Rostgarpour Sound Design and Mixing: Erfan Yazdi

Therefore, characterization in “Abji” is highly concerned and the characters enter and leave with identity and personality and appear effectively in the drama.

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