Hoolia Film

Hoolia Film

In this film, Zindayad Ali Ansarian played the role of an unauthorized singer who does not speak English, but insists on singing English songs.

Director and writer: Morteza Atash Zamzam

Genre: Comedy – Producer: Iraj Taghipour

Danlod Va Tamasha

Vilma Els, a well-known German-born actress of Turkish cinema and television, and another well-known Turkish actress, Huliya Dikan, starred in this film.

Holia is the story of a woman’s liver, which is mistakenly transplanted to a local tumor and transforms the local liver tumor! In this musical film, seven memorable Iranian and foreign songs in a fantasy atmosphere have been sung by Mohammad Reza Hedayati and Zinda Yad Ali Ansarian.

Director of planning, head of the directing team: Masoud Haghi, production manager: Abolfazl Atash Zamzam, sound director: Maitham Yardilo, makeup designer: Mahyad Mimi, set and costume designer: Ali Sangni

Cinematographer: Amin Ishaqian, Editor: Kaus Aghaei, Sound: Mahmoud Mousavinejad, Music: Ali Esmaili, Special Effects, Title Production: Amirhossein Modares.

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