Ahange Do Nafareh

Ahange Do Nafareh

How much the path of our life is the same as the path of cigarette smoke, both of them go in a direction that we don’t want…

Director: Arzoo Arzanesh

Genre: Comedy

Danlod va Tamasha

The song for two people is a movie with a love story that portrays two characters in a musical atmosphere whose life story happens simultaneously, until they meet at a point in time and place;

The hero of the story is a singer from the rich class of society who, in the last days of his contract with the programmer, accidentally encounters a person who earns money through extortion and blackmail;

Production manager: Amirhossein Norouzbeigi Project manager: Saman Samani Composer: Amir Tousli Editor: Sohrab Khosravi Sound engineer: Abbas Rostgarpour Voiceover: Arash Ghasemi Make-up designer: Sudaba Khosravi Costume designer: Sana Noroozbeigi

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