Arouse Khiabaane Fereshteh

Arouse Khiabaane Fereshteh

The immigrant family lives in an old house in the heart of Fereshte Street, which belongs to the uncle of the family. Each family member makes a living from the space of this house. With the return of the family’s uncle after many years with his daughter-in-law from abroad with the intention of selling the old house, he brings great challenges and troubles to the immigrant family and this family tries to preserve this house in any way until…

Genre: Comedy – Family – Producer: Mohammad Reza Sharifinia

Author: Elaha Zarenejad – Director: Mehdi Khosravi

Danlod Va Tamasha

“The Bride of Angel Street” was supposed to be in the 39th Fajr Film Festival, but in the end it was not among the films in the 39th Fajr Festival.

Cinematography director: Farshad Khaleghi, music: Behnam Abtahi, sound engineer: Ardalan Kian Arthi, sound engineer: Mehrdad Jalukhani, make-up artist: Shahram Khalaj, set designer: Abtin Barki

Mehdi Khosravi is an Iranian director, screenwriter and editor. He has directed the short films “Descent”, “Hidden Truth” and “Harim Ab”.

Special visual effects: Rouzbeh Kolbasi, editor: Rouzbeh Kolbasi, production manager: Mojtabi Metoli, assistant producer: Hanif Sarvari, investor: Alireza Ashuri, photo: Ahmadreza Shujaei, procurement manager: Nader Mohammadi

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