Fosil Film

Fosil Film

This film is the narration of three singers named Esi, Saeed and Safa in the 50s. Ace, who is on his way to the Shah’s palace, falls into a coma during an accident and regains consciousness 10 years later. He realizes that the Shah is gone and the Islamic Republic is at work. His fiance Ferengis is married and…

Genre: Comedy – Director: Karim Amini

Author: Hamza Salehi – Producer: Ebrahim Amrian

Danlod Va Tamasha

This movie was named the best-selling movie with sales of more than 322 billion Tomans. Also, Fossil is the most watched movie in the history of Iranian cinema in the first year of its release, attracting more than 7,444,000 viewers.

Three friends who have a passion for singing in the 50’s and perform a program on the national television of that time get involved with SAVAK forces and other crises, this type of theme, which we have seen many examples of, can bring the audience along with it, and comedy situations can be somewhat Get laughs from the audience

But it is because of the acting art of Bahram Afshari that we can say that a single person carries the main burden, which cannot be an absolute good for a film, because the content should be formed in such a way that it does not rely on a particular actor.

Add to this that Afshari as an actor makes the audience laugh due to his special size and the type of dialogue and reactions, and this is not related to the director, that is, Amini did not direct Afshari, it is Afshari who plays the role with his own talent;


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