Zanboore Kargar

Zanboore Kargar

Buick, who lost his wife years ago due to medical negligence, is killed in a fight. Now his daughter is seeking revenge on the murderer. Meanwhile, the only witness is the killer’s girlfriend and…

Director and producer: Afshin Sadeghi

Author: Saeed Nematullah

Danlod Va Tamasha

Art Director: Saeed Nemat Elah Investor: Mehrdad Salimi, Amir Hassan Emami, Afshin Sadeghi Producer Consultant: Gholamreza Gomarki Director of Photography: Rozbe Raiga Sound Operator: Saeed Ahmadi Set Designer: Mohammad Reza Mirza Mohammadi

The film Zanbour Kargar has an inflammatory story and theme, and its story is about a woman who prepares to participate in the parliamentary elections, but an unwanted event puts her on a difficult and uneven path.

Costume designer: Azadeh Qavam, make-up designer: Kamran Khalaj, field special effects: Arash Aghabeek, editing: Khashayar Mohvadian, visual special effects: Farid Nazer Fasihi.

On the surface, Zanbour Kargar is a film about revenge, but aside from this, it deals with the hardships and problems of the life of a member of parliament and their lifestyle, and criticizes some social harms in the field of women.

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