Shab Dakheli Divar Film

Shab Dakheli Divar Film

The suicide attempt of a blind person named Ali is stopped by the janitor of his house; He later gives Ali information about a fugitive woman named Leelami who has escaped from the police and is possibly hiding somewhere in his building. Leila, without Ali’s knowledge, has taken refuge in his house. However, after discovering her, Ali finds out that Leila is a single mother and recently participated in a demonstration, after which she was arrested and thrown into a police car; In this process, he is separated from his four-year-old son and is looking for him. Leila and Ali are now trapped in a confined space and have only each other to survive…

Genre: Political, Social – Producer: Ali Jalilund

Director and writer: Vahid Jalilund

Danlod Va Tamasha

No one survives watching Vahid Jalilund’s deeply unpleasant and deeply moving film, and everyone suffers emotional irritation to some extent. “Night, Interior, Wall” is a violent allegory for the traumatic effects of being in a society that can be placed between the sixth and seventh circles of hell.

The film is a strange combination of a complex psychological thriller seasoned with science fiction genre with a drama in the limited location of a room that wants to show the results of tormenting and suffering a person from society.

In the film, there are two agents in that security van. One is duty-oriented, the other, which Naveed plays, is conscience-oriented. As a duty-oriented officer, I only think that I must do my duty and I should not do anything else. And the other one refers to his heart in addition to his duty.

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