Hodoode 8 Sobh

Hodoode 8 Sobh

Amir and Darya are a young couple who live a prosperous and peaceful life, until a text message from a stranger disturbs their peace. Amir, who thinks Darya has betrayed him, dates a stranger and…

Director: Manouchehr Hadi – Screenplay: Manouchehr Hadi, Saeed Dolatkhani

Producer: Manouchehr Hadi – Genre: Social

Danlod Va Tamasha

The movie “About 8 AM” is based on a true story and shows that doubt and mistrust can kill a person and endanger the lives of several families.

What made Amir lose his trust in the sea? What was the reason for Amir’s death? Was Amir to blame for this incident (murder) or Reza? Who did Reza send a message to? What was the reason for Reza’s concealment? Why did Darya not consent to Reza’s freedom?

What made the sea agree? How else could Amir understand the truth? Summary: What was the reason for Amir’s anger towards the sea? What else could he do to find out the truth?

Hadi’s social sensors have always been focused on good subjects, but why this director does not have the previous bias towards his original cinema is a question that needs to be answered.

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