Neisane Abi 2 – Ep 14

Neisane Abi 2 – Ep 14

Jamshid was in prison and Reza Khorsand and a Shukarabad were looking for his release! Who has trapped Jamshid and wants to knock Jamshid to the ground?!

Director: Masoud Atyabi – Producer: Ehsan Zalipour

Author: Saeed Hoshiar – Genre: Comedy

Danlod Va Tamasha

Set Designer: Qasim Turkashund Sound Director: Saeed Bejnordi Costume Designer: Arta Mahan Makeup Designer: Siamak Ahmadi Composer: Aria Azimi Nejad Special Effects Designer: Amin Pahlvanzadeh

A series that includes a different combination of comedy actors and portrays a family story in a different atmosphere;

In this series, the acting team has been tried to be preserved as much as possible, but there have been changes in the secondary actors;

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