Neisan Abi 2 – Gh 09

Neisan Abi 2 – Gh 09

The story of empty pockets and money is the story of love and fascination. Jamshid and Reza are two old friends who fell in love with two sisters named Zari and Pari and married them…

Director: Masoud Atyabi

Author: Saeed Hoshiar – Genre: Comedy

Danlod Va Tamasha

Set Designer: Qasim Turkashund Sound Director: Saeed Bejnordi Costume Designer: Arta Mahan Makeup Designer: Siamak Ahmadi Composer: Aria Azimi Nejad Special Effects Designer: Amin Pahlvanzadeh

A series that includes a different combination of comedy actors and portrays a family story in a different atmosphere;

In this series, the acting team has been tried to be preserved as much as possible, but there have been changes in the secondary actors;

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