Shab Ahaangi S3 Gh 03

Shab Ahaangi S3 Gh 03 (Fatemeh Goodarzi)

The opening of the new season of Angai Night in a special format of a happy and fun program with a different decor, which is performed by Hamed Angagi.

Presenter and director: Hamed Anghi

Producer: Mohammad Reza Saberi – Genre: Reality show , competition

Danlod Va Tamasha

Hamed Angei, who previously performed in Kish, reached the peak of popularity with the talk show Shab Angei and then added to his fame by appearing in reality shows such as Joker and Mafia.

For each episode, he invited one or two guests from the fields of sports, music, cinema, etc. and sat down to talk with them, but the whole program was not limited to that;

In a part, he challenged the guests and music had a prominent presence in the program and did not play a decorative and decorative role like similar talk shows;

The presence of such a program with a humorous structure that jokes with the guests was strongly felt among the programs of the platforms;

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