Pedarkhandeh F02 Gh08

Pedarkhandeh F02 Gh08

The Godfather is a well-known stealth role-playing game based on reasoning and deduction. Popular actors and artists play mafia more professionally and with attractive and different cards.

Director: Saeed Abutaleb

Leader: Kambiz Dirbaz

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Actors of this episode: Amir Ali Naboyan, Bahar Ghasemi, Mehrab Qasemkhani, Hoda Estwari, Seyed Javad Hashemi, Korosh Soleimani, Mojtabi Pourbakhsh, Ramin Rastad, Khodadad Azizi, Nader Falah and Farzad Farrokh.

Singer: Moin Zed Casting: Irfan Hosseini Head of Game Design Group: Morteza Abutaleb Assistant Director: Nyusha Zarrabi

Planner: Roya Attarzadeh Original set designer: Yaser Sanai Director of photography: Shahram Rahimi Sound director: Maitham Hasanlou

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