Oskaar Realitiishow S3 E4 – Akhar

Oskaar Realitiishow S3 E4 – Akhar

In this program, each person tries to complete his challenge in the most creative way possible and the competition will be for the Oscar statuette. Each guest will receive points from the main host based on how they complete their challenge, and based on the points received, the winner of the Oscar statuette will be determined.

Director and host: Mehran Moderi

Featuring: Nima Shabannejad – Genre: Reality Show

Danlod Va Tamasha

Guests of this episode: Amir Ali Naboyan, Farnaz Rahnama, Niki Mozafari and Amir Kazemi

Mehran Moderi is one of the main pillars of the show comedy scene in the country; His activity history goes back to the distant years and the early seventies in television;

With the presence of: Nima Shaaban Nejad Executive Director: Mohammad Reza Derakhshan Project Manager: Hossein Hadian Far Assistant Director, Programmer: Popek Mozafari Set Designer: Peyman Qane

Manager is one of the first even in the field of home theater; The creation of the attractive and popular series Bitter Coffee was the beginning of his activities in the home show

Studio lighting designer: Masoud Rajabian, sound engineer: Masoud Dadgari, costume designer: Golare Darbandi, make-up designer: Mahmoud Dehghani

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