Mehmooni2 E27

Mehmooni2 E27

There is a wedding hall in the neighborhood of Mr. Tahmasab’s new house that he recently moved to. Therefore, new puppet characters, most of whom are the employees of this wedding hall, are added to his life and create interesting events…

Actors: Iraj Tahmasab, Ali Zarmehri, Sohail Rehbar Zare, Sara Sabri, Ahmad Fayaz

Genre: comedy, family

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Puppeteer: Isa Yousefipour, Mohammad Loqmanian, Peyman Fatemi, Shima Bakhshandeh, Ali Pakdast Substitute Producer: Alireza Farahani Production Manager: Majid Lal Sanjian Project Manager: Hassan Khodadadi

With the release of the news of Mahmouni’s return, even before the release of the first episode of the second season, a quiet debate between supporters and opponents of this return took place on social networks at this point in time; Pros and cons, whose argument was not about the success or failure of this series, but about the social consequences of this return in this time frame;

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