Khaen Koshi E04 – Akhar

Khaen Koshi E04 – Akhar

Shahrukh goes to the coffee house with Mehdi to find the money thief. On the way back to the shelter, Sohrab got into a fight with several people and was seriously injured.

Writer and director: Masoud Kimiaei

Genre: Drama, Crime

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Kimiyai is so dependent on the people and their reaction that maybe at this age he will breathe the hot breath of the people and once again rise from the ashes of eighty-two years as a phoenix to become the envy of cinema.

Make-up artist: Mohsen Darsanj Set designer: Sohail Danesh-eshraghi Costume designer: Maral Jirani Editor: Sepideh Abdul Wahab
Sound engineer: Ishaq Khanzadi, sound engineer: Amirhossein Qasmi, music: Satar Orki, field effects: Arash Aghabeyg
Unlike many Iranian filmmakers, Masoud Kimiaei’s works have a particular worldview and even ideology, which was obtained from years of experience living with people and being immersed in the world of cinema and literature.

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