Fofo Mosaferi Az Kamado E10

Fofo Mosaferi Az Kamado E10

A strange and cute creature named Fufu is stolen from his home planet by the evil forces of King Mitamita. Thrown out of the ship while being transported to Mitamita, Fufu falls to the ground and emerges from the chimney of a house. This is the beginning of Fufu’s adventures and the strange dreams of children on the planet…

Genre: Comedy, Family

Director and writer: Maitham Mearaji

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Authors: Salman Sohri, Hossam Heydari, Negin Mousavi, Kaveh Merahmati, Shima Esmaili, Meisham Mearaji.

Final rewriting of the script: Hossam Heydari, Majid Afshari Director of cinematography: Sohail Nowrozi Editor: Amir Shiban Khaghani Special effects designer: Amir Walikhani Director

Planning, director of the director’s group: Majid Karbasian, make-up designer: Maitham Karagzlou, costume designer: Shagaig Manouchehri, stage designer: Mana Mearaji

Composer: Siavash Vaziri Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Amir Hossein Sadeghi Voiceover: Reza Gharabi Tehrani Animation: Hamid Haqqani Production manager: Saeed Mirzaei, stage secretary: Saeede Deliriyan

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