Aghrab Ashegh Gh 11

Aghrab Ashegh Gh 11

Aban arranges a meeting to make Makan face the creditors. On the other hand, the police arrest Sirius while burying the body and…

Director: Hossein Soheilizadeh

Genre: Drama, Romance

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Lighting designer: Kivan Arjamand, make-up designer: Seyed Jalal Mousavi, costume designer: Navid Farah Marzi, set designer, decor: Sohail Mirspasi

Sound engineer: Mohammad Mehdi Azadi, Ali Zahouri Director of programming: Massoud Mimi Composer: Aria Azimi Nejad First assistant director: Saeed Bayat Actor: Ali Salahi Editor: Amin Abedi Singer: Mohsen Chavoshi

Concept artist: Homa Behjati, special effects: Hamid Rasoulian, sound: Ali Zahori, stage manager: Zahra Mahdavi, design and production of make-up parts: Seyed Jalal Mousavi, Delart Art Group, support.

Costume preparation: Tahmorth Stunt Collection: Keyvan Rezaei Procurement Manager: Javad Ghasemi

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